We’re looking for Drivers to join ALTO Automotive. We may be a new name in vehicle transport but the management team have many years experience in the industry and you’d be joining a fast growing and ambitious company.

You’d be paid a fixed monthly salary – so no surprises on pay day and there is a generous expenses allowance to cover costs associated with nights away from home during the working week.

ALTO believes that a fundamental requirement for delivering excellent customer service is to employ a team of well-trained Car Transporter Drivers. As an ALTO driver you would be trained in all aspects of the job, depending on previous experience, prior to starting.

We also ensure our drivers are fully qualified to operate the fleet of car transporters and receive regular annual update training to meet legislation on Driver CPC requirements.

ALTO takes the safety of its employees seriously and all Car Transporter drivers are issued with a company uniform as well as personal protection equipment as required to do the job as safely as possible.

If you are interested in joining our team, please fill in the application form below.

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